Jodee March ASID Interior Designer

Design Concepts – My Thoughts Behind It

Jodee March, ASID

Every morning I sit on my deck and enjoy my coffee. Some mornings I take a walk, but every morning I feel grateful that I can live in such a beautiful place. Wherever you go in our little town you will find it has the most amazing natural scenery, people love it here, as I do, and many of those who come as a visitor choose to buy a home here. People buy or build in our area to capture a little piece of the beauty and the feel of Big Sky. Many of these people could choose to live or own a vacation property anywhere.

There seems to be a specific “feel” that clients want to experience through their decor. Cozy ski town vibe, mountain modern, contemporary cabin, or warm inviting western. Everyone has a different idea of what these phrases mean to them, and this is a continually changing aesthetic based on several factors;

  1. Where they reside full time and the “look” they have there. Some want something similar and familiar and some want the complete opposite with a ski, western twist.
  2. What is trending on social media.
  3. What they see when looking at real estate, staying at a vacation rental, or visiting a friend in Montana…

Words that people use to describe the look that they’re looking for has different meanings to them. My portfolio reflects not only my design taste, but what you, my client is looking for.